Germany’s Econ Minister Brüderle hits back at French and US criticism

The don’t know the elevated fiscal deficits due to their ‘automatic Keynesian stabilizers’ did the trick, including (temporarily) weakening euro? So why are they spewing this nonsense? Class warfare to keep union demands in check and domestic demand suppressed so the well off can optimize their personal real terms of trade? Expect austerity to continue […]

Britain to Slash Public Spending in Austerity Gamble

Are they actually going to do this??? Good for us if we realized the right response is to lower our taxes here and letting them export all they want to us. But we don’t. Britain to Slash Public Spending in Austerity Gamble October 20 (AP) — Recession-battered Britain learns the true cost of the global […]

Mosler on cnbc

Thanks, It was an hour interview and to some degree taken out of context. I would not buy euro here- chart looks terrible!!! But I would look to see it show signs of turning with an eye to getting long, probably vs the yen. The problem with the euro zone has been a tendency for […]