Town hall meetings suggestions

The National Commission on Fiscal Sustainability is holding town hall meetings June 26, with an eye towards ‘fixing’ Social Security. Here’s a suggested question for anyone attending: ‘I agree with statements by both Bernanke and Greenspan as well as David Walker from the Peterson Foundation that as a matter of monetary operations there is no […]

david walker okays deficits???!!!

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 12:54 PM, Roger wrote: >    >   am I reading this right? >    >   he seems to be admitting the difference between “structural” and nominal deficits, but >   is still fixated on debt/GDP ratios, not to mention national “revenue” >    >   nevertheless, some progress is better than none, and ANY […]

America’s Triple A Rating at Risk

[Skip to the end] He’s public enemy #1 and senior spokesman for all the deficit terrorists. He’s also an intellectually dishonest, paid propagandist. I’ve got the recording posted on my website from the Mike Norman show where he agrees government solvency is not a risk. If anyone has his email address feel free to email […]