Bloomberg: China Halts Interbank Lending With US, China Morning Post…

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This may actually help bring LIBOR down as the US banks don’t need USD funds from China while the rest of the world does.

China Halts Interbank Lending With U.S., Morning Post Says

By Joost Akkermans

Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) China’s banking regulator told domestic banks to halt lending to U.S. financial institutions in the interbank market to help prevent possible losses, the South China Morning Post reported, citing people it didn’t identify.

The ban imposed by the China Banking Regulatory Commission is for interbank lending of all currencies to U.S. banks, though not to banks from other countries, the English-language Hong Kong newspaper said today.

The decree came after the regulator obtained data about the risk of local banks to bonds issued by Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., according to the newspaper. The CBRC wasn’t available for comment yesterday, the Morning Post reported.


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