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China wanting to buy TIPS

[Skip to the end] This is another blunder by the Obama administration due to not understanding the monetary system. We don’t need China or any other investor to ‘buy the debt’ yet we think we do and think they are in a position to ‘demand’ anything. Issuing/selling CPI indexed govt debt is ...Read More


[Skip to the end] >    >    >   On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 2:49 AM, Sean wrote: >    >   This one will get the heart beating a little faster! So glad to hear >   you’re doing well! >    thanks and nice story- the blind leading the blind. seems it all is just one ridiculous discussion ...Read More

5 year tips 5 years forward and recent Fed speeches

[Skip to the end] 5yr Tips 5yr Forward The Fed watches this carefully in regard to inflation expectations, along with surveys and professional forecasts which have gone up considerably. The 5 year tips 5 years forward dipped a couple of months ago on the generally commodity sell off, then fell again for ...Read More

TIPS 5yr 5yr fwd

One of the Fed’s favorite inflation expectation indicators continues to look to be breaking out. All pre/post ‘July 2006 pause’ progress has been reversed. TIPS 5yr 5yr fwd ...Read More

5yr tips 5 years fwd

The Fed’s pet inflation expectation indicator is moving higher, fast. ♥ ...Read More

Inflation expectations update

As of 1pm today – this is what the Fed is looking at for today’s meeting. Most say if you let expectations elevate it’s too late. Others think they can be allowed to elevate a little bit and then brought down. ♥ ...Read More