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2008-06-05 EU News Highlights

[Skip to the end] Highlights: France’s Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.5%, Insee Says Scary low rate for the ECB. German 2008 Tax Revenue to Grow More Than Expected Fuel for the hawks, Germany’s unemployment is too low for them as well. ECB May Keep Benchmark Rate at Six-Year High For sure. And ...Read More

2008-05-30 EU News Highlights

[Skip to the end] Highlights European Inflation Accelerates More Than Forecast as Oil Surges Note the concern over inflation expectations in the text below. That’s what has turned the Fed as well. German Retail Sales Unexpectedly Dropped on Inflation Weber Rules Out Changing ECB’s Current Inflation Goal While the US economic memory ...Read More

2008-04-07 EU Highlights

Today’s headlines not conducive of a rate cut. And the only thing the ECB sees that’s keeping inflation from being a lot worse is the strong euro. ECB’s Liebscher Sees Risk of Wage-Price Spiral, Kurier Reports German Output Unexpectedly Increases on Construction French Trade Deficit Shrinks to 2.8 Billion Euros on Exports ...Read More

2008-04-04 EU Highlights

ECB’s Constancio Says Stronger Euro Helping to Curb Inflation So far, with inflation running well above target the ECB has decided it can’t afford to deliberately weaken the euro even with exporters screaming. ...Read More

2008-03-14 EU Highlights

If the euro hadn’t been as strong as it is, inflation would be that much higher over there. Highlights: European Inflation, Labor-Cost Growth Accelerate European govt bonds lower after euro zone inflation hits new record German Inflation Stays Above ECB Limit for 12th Month ...Read More

2008-03-07 EU Highlights

European News Highlights: ECB’s Weber Sees `Little’ Room to Cut Interest Rates rising MNOG (minimum noninflationary output gap) as inflation rises at current levels of GDP. (see below.) ECB’s Noyer Says Globalization Has `Ceased’ to Curb Inflation import prices are rising there even with the strong euro, implying if the euro wasn’t ...Read More

2008-02-20 EU Highlights

Should the Fed turn it’s attention to inflation, it will find itself way behind that curve. The US cpi is about 100 bp higher than the eurozone cpi’s, including the UK where rates are north of 5%. With US inflation where it is, the mainstream calculation for the appropriate ff rate is ...Read More

2008-01-18 EU Highlights

With the US Fed cutting aggressively, and now a reasonably large US fiscal package a near certainty, the mainstream will see increase in US demand as further support for world prices. They have no economic theory to support this. In fact, mainstream theory would more likely be inclined to call this policy ...Read More