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I’ve been on the road, and not as close to things as usual, so from what I’ve seen and heard: Looking at the market prices I’d guess yesterday’s sell off was a euro zone credit response. The euro dropped a quick 3% and gold went up enough to be up even in ...Read More

euro zone issues

Asian players are a worry for eurozone By Gillian Tett July 14 (FT) The saga behind next week’s stress test release is a case in point. During most of the past year, governments of countries such as Germany, Spain and France have resisted the idea of conducting US-style stress tests on their ...Read More

ECB buys Irish Bonds

This latest announcement of the purchase of Irish bonds shows the ECB is continuing its policy of buying national govt bonds to facilitate solvency: EU Headlines: Europe’s bankers in talks over bail-out fund Support for European spending cuts strong European Bank’s Economist Is Optimistic on Sovereign Debt, but Critics Are Wary EU ...Read More