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DXY and exports

[Skip to the end] Dollar Index vs US Exports Right – seems to me the dollar will fall until it’s at a level where the trade gap goes to about zero. So even though exports are way up and the trade gap down, there could be a lot more to go. A ...Read More

Reuters: Redbook sales

TABLE-US chain store sales rose 1.4 pct last wk-Redbook Muddling through at modestly positive numbers. (Reuters) Redbook Research on Tuesday released the following seasonally adjusted weekly data on U.S. chain store sales: Year-over-year: Week (w/e 5/3/08 vs year ago) 1.4 pct Year-over-year:Month (April 2008 vs April 2007) 1.6 pct Month-over-month: (April 2008 ...Read More

2008-04-18 JN Highlights

doesn’t look too bad? Highlights: Consumer Sentiment Improves For 1st Time In 6 Months Industrial Production Index Rose To Record 110.2 In February March Department Store Sales Fall 1.2% On Year Supply Of Tokyo Office Space To Drop 40%: Survey BOJ Cuts Assessment On 8 Of 9 Regional Economies Shirakawa Keeps Weak ...Read More

AP: Budget deficit up due to spending increases

While revenue growth is slowing, it is still positive. Might be the suspected 2007 spending that was moved forward to 2008 that is helping spending increase so much and support GDP into the election. And the new fiscal package kicks in soon as well. Government spending, this year, should top $3 trillion ...Read More

Bloomberg: Exports booming

(Yes, I know, just anecdotal.) Honeywell Wins $23 Billion Jet Award, Its Biggest, From Embraer by Courtney Dentch (Bloomberg) Honeywell International Inc. won its biggest business jet engine order, beating two rivals for a $23 billion contract from Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA. Honeywell will build engines for two new Embraer planes ...Read More

Bloomberg: Egypt’s Soaring Food Prices Bring Bread Lines, Deficit Pressure

This is destabilizing and escalating. Egypt’s Soaring Food Prices Bring Bread Lines, Deficit Pressure By Abeer Allam and Daniel Williams   (Bloomberg) Atyat Musa Bakri, a Cairo mother of nine children, was waiting in line to buy subsidized bread for the third time in one day. “The more cheap bread I can ...Read More

2008-03-31 JN Highlights

Japan data volatile as usual, but a few interesting bits that are worth a quick look: Industrial Output Falls 1.2% In Feb (Dow Jones) Japanese industrial output declined in February, partly due to weaker overseas demand for electronic parts and devices, increasing worries that a downturn exports will slow the economy. Separate ...Read More

2008-03-27 JN Highlights

Highlights: Fukuda Offers To Free Up Road Revenues For General Spending From FY09 Adds to aggregate demand. MOF Frets Over Yen, But No Threat Of Action Don’t want Paulson to call them a currency manipulator. Suda: Natural For BOJ To Aim For Rate Hike They see inflation heating up over time. Some ...Read More

Bloomberg: Calpers to Increase Commodity Assets to as Much as $7.2 Billion

And 3% of assets is on the low side. I think most were targeting 4% allocations, and now I’m hearing some are moving north of 10%, which should keep the commodities going for quite a while. Calpers to Increase Commodity Assets to as Much as $7.2 Bil by Saijel Kishan (Bloomberg) The ...Read More

Bank of France says Fed overreacted to market decline

Interesting they would take a shot like that at the Fed. Probably concerned about Euro strength and the US gaining export share. Bank of France Says Fed Overreacted to Market Decline By Francois de Beaupuy (Bloomberg) The Bank of France said the U.S. Federal Reserve may have cut interest rates too much ...Read More