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HR 124

At about 11am today when the doctors removed the heart wires, the heart immediately went into something called atrial fibulation, which is an elevated heart rate and irregular heart beat – different chambers of the heart not firing in the right order. This happens to approximately 40% of all heart surgery patients when they remove the wires.

The doctors promptly started going through a series of standard procedures to bring the hear rate down and normalize the wave patterns.

The series (in sequential order) included:

  • a magnesium IV
  • a beta blocker
  • an amiodarone

The heart rate did come down a bit, but was still elevated at 4:50 PM.

Warren B drinks smoothie

Surprisingly :), my dad had some of his own ideas to try out, and he sent me out to Starbucks to get a mango-banana, sugar-free, low-fat, protein-enriched Vivanno, which he began drinking at 4:56 PM.

By 5:00 PM (four minutes after he started drinking the smoothie), the heart rate and rhythm normalized, and he may be going home tomorrow.

HR 58

The medical staff has dismissed the notion that putting something cold near the heart will slow and calm it down. Instead, they attribute the drugs to the sudden transformation. They also think the government should balance the budget. :)

We’re all looking forward to a non-eventful night and a quick trip home Sunday.


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