Daily Archive: Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fed’s Williams:Fiscal Policy Actions ‘Badly Needed’

A step in the right direction: Fed’s Williams:Fiscal Policy Actions ‘Badly Needed’ Fri Nov 18 14:04:45 2011 EST –The Federal Reserve’s actions have not been enough to deliver a robust recovery –The recovery has been hurt by the decline in housing and stock prices, tightening of credit and uncertainty in Europe –Fiscal ...Read More

SPR release winding down

This chart of West Texas crude prices vs Brent north sea crude prices was done a few days ago, with the spread subsequently narrowing further to under $10. As previously discussed a few weeks ago, with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve release initiated by President Obama now winding down, the glut in Cushing ...Read More

The turkeys have voted for Thanksgiving

Reader’s comment on the post on Spanish voters supporting austerity: Adam (ak) Submitted on 2011/11/20 at 4:05pm So in the country where the official unemployment rate is 22.6% the party promising further fiscal austerity has an unassailable lead? Awesome. The turkeys have voted for Thanksgiving. ...Read More

Spanish Voters Set to Throw Out Socialists in Election

As previously discussed, there is virtually no political support to leave the euro, as it’s not intuitively obvious the euro is the problem. It is intuitively obvious, however, that the problem was irresponsible govt and so the move towards responsible govt- aka austerity- continues. The euro economy can be easily ‘fixed’ and ...Read More

Roubini tweet

interesting: ...Read More