Daily Archive: Monday, December 20, 2010


I don’t follow it at all closely but in general they have been following a policy of budget surpluses and relying on increasing levels of private sector debt to sustain aggregate demand. That’s not sustainable, even for China’s coal mine, and especially with China showing signs of slowing down. Retailers cry poor ...Read More

china inflation – ft article

Sounds like the ‘managing expectations’ they teach at the western universities. Inflation is under control, says Chinese regulator By Jamil Anderlini December 17 (FT) — “The recent inflation is completely different from the periods of very high inflation that China has encountered in the past,” Mr Liu, chairman of the China Banking ...Read More

ECB Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About Irish Bank Proposals

EU Headlines ECB Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About Irish Bank Proposals And they call the shots now. Trichet Says Euro Remains Credible; States Leaving Is ’Absurd’ EU Nations Violating Deficit Caps May Be Fined Up to 0.5% of GDP Fines have proven unworkable. My proposal for annual distributions from the ecb to the ...Read More