Daily Archive: Friday, December 21, 2007

It’s been hard for me to get in sync with markets where higher energy prices mean lower interest rates!

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Repo Mkts and TAF

(an interoffice email) On 12/21/07, Pat Doyle wrote: > > > > It is becoming apparent that the funding pressures for year end are ebbing. > The ease in pressure has a lot to do with the TAF and coordinated CBK > interventions. The Fed is getting the cash to the people ...Read More

Philly fed numbers from yesterday

The detail is of interest – no sign of weakness here. Prices still very firm. New orders and shipments strong. Work week higher. Inventories down due to shipments up – seems to have caused all the headline ‘weakness’. ♥ ...Read More

2007-12-21 US Economic Releases

Personal Income (Nov) Survey 0.5% Actual 0.4% Prior 0.2% Revised n/a OK number. Personal Spending (Nov) Survey 0.7% Actual 1.1% Prior 0.2% Revised 0.4% Nice bounce back from a low number also revised up. Makes the two month average about 0.75%. This will cause further upward revisions of Q4 GDP. PCE Deflator ...Read More