China sells off Japanese debt

Interesting and unusual headline. China doesn’t care about exports to Japan and may be ‘helping them’ by selling some of its yen reserves? They may know Japan is going to get serious about keeping the yen weaker with direct intervention so China is front running them? China sells off Japanese debt By Michiyo Nakamoto October […]


[Skip to the end] Karim writes: There is a piece typifying the logic behind the buying of high strike payers in Japan (Japanese govt debt ‘Ponzi Scheme’). Also heard GS put a similar piece out today but have not seen. Makes no sense but seems to be gathering steam. Right, the sustainability issue with floating […]

Updated JGBi Index Ratio Table

(an interoffice email) Hi Dave, If core inflation is finally showing up in Japan that says a lot for world inflation in general! warren On Dec 28, 2007 8:12 AM, Dave Vealey wrote: > > > > With last nights stronger then expected release of core inflation in Japan > (+0.4% y/y vs. +0.3% expected), […]