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Reuters: Machine tool orders

[Skip to the end] US April machine tool demand down from March by Ayesha Rascoe (Reuters) Demand for the machine tools that shape metal for products such as car engines and refrigerators dropped sharply in April, two groups said in a joint report on Sunday. U.S. April machine tool demand declined 27.6 ...Read More

AMT tax reduction passes

Looks like it adds about $50 billion to 2008 after tax incomes. Demand can use all the help it can get right now! Congress Gives AMT Relief For 20 Million Taxpayers Congress acted in its final hours Wednesday to block growth of the alternative minimum tax, putting off an economic hardship affecting ...Read More

AMT tax cut

Seems the AMT tax cut has a chance of getting through with being ‘paid for’ if the Democrats capitulate. This would add about 100 billion to the deficit and help support aggregate demand a bit. ♥ ...Read More