MMT proposals for the 99%

1. A full FICA suspension to end that highly regressive, punishing tax and restore sales, output, and jobs.
2. $150 billion in federal revenue sharing for the state goverments on a per capita basis to sustain essential services.
3. An $8/hr federally funded transition job for anyone willing and able to work to facilitate the transition from unemployment to private sector employment.
4. See my universal health care proposals on this website (Health Care Proposal).
5. See my proposals for narrow banking, the Fed, the Treasury and the FDIC on this website (Banking Proposal).
6. See my proposal’s to take away the financial sector’s ‘food supply’ by banning pension funds from buying equities, banning the Tsy from issuing anything longer than 3 month bills, and many others.
7. Universal Social Security at age 62 at a minimum level of support that makes us proud to be Americans.
8. Fill the Medicare ‘donut hole’ and other inequities.
9. Enact my housing proposals on this website (Housing proposal).
10. Don’t vote for anyone who wants to balance the federal budget!!!!