Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia not willing to see crude at discount

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Saudi Arabia Not Willing to See Crude at Discount, Naimi Says

by Fred Pals
(Bloomberg) Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, is not willing to sell crude oil at a discount to the normal market price for its grades of oil, the kingdom’s oil minister said.

The country plans to increase production for a third straight month this month. Analysts including the London-based Centre for Global Energy Studies have said Saudi Arabia may need to lower its prices to find sufficient buyers.

“No,” Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said when asked about his willingness to sell crude at a discount. “Not even for heavy crude. That is not the way the market works. We have said we don’t like high prices. We have nothing to do with where the price is today. Where is the buyer? We would be very happy to sell.”

Al-Naimi spoke to reporters today at the World Petroleum Congress in Madrid.

Right, you can have all you want at their price.

Simple monopoly.

Good luck to us – we don’t even know it’s happening.