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Galbraith on Keynes vs Hayek

Well worth a quick read. John Maynard Keynes Knew What Occupy Wall Street Tells Us Today: “Banks and bankers are by nature blind.” By James Galbraith November 11 (Alternet) — Economist Friedrich Hayek is the darling of conservatives. Progressives prefer John Maynard Keynes. But when it comes to sensible policy, there’s really ...Read More

Wray- the currency as a public monopoly

Good to see this- been suggesting it for quite a while. Working Paper No. 658, March 2011 Keynes after 75 Years: Rethinking Money as a Public Monopoly L. Randall Wray Economists and government policymakers fail to recognize that money is a public monopoly. The result of this misunderstanding is unemployment and inflation, ...Read More

Keynes on payroll tax cuts

[Skip to the end] Interesting how much of what I say turns out to have been written by Keynes: Greg Mankiw, Keynes and the Payroll Tax: The Mature Keynesian Perspective II As I previously noted, the older (and presumably wiser) John Maynard Keynes was skeptical of using infrastructure projects as a countercyclical ...Read More