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more on Ireland testing the waters

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   One prominent Irish minister said explicitly that we should use Greece as a bargaining chip >   to renegotiate the promissory note. The whole government and press went crazy saying that >   she was completely out of line etc. >    that’s how it starts? ;) ...Read More

Irish payment coming due at month end

Lots of ‘restructuring talk’ going on- looking like another ‘bondholder tax’ of sorts? From Reuters: Analysts are divided as to whether Ireland’s national debt, which is forecast to peak at 119 percent of GDP in 2013, is sustainable. A policy paper by Ireland’s European partners and the IMF is being drawn up ...Read More

Glad to see the word getting around!

Link: Smart Taxes Network ...Read More

Fixing Ireland

So I’ve been asked what I’d do to get Ireland past this latest funding crisis. Answer: I’d announce that in the case of default new Irish govt debt is freely transferable and can be used for the payment of taxes to the Irish govt. This should facilitate funding for the near term. ...Read More