ICSC Chain Store Sales YoY Archive

2008-10-07 USER

[Skip to the end] ICSC UBS Store Sales YoY (Released 7:45 EST) ICSC UBS Store Sales WoW (Released 7:45 EST) Redbook Store Sales Weekly YoY (Released 8:55 EST) Redbook Store Sales MoM (Released 8:55 EST) ICSC UBS Redbook Comparison TABLE (Released 8:55 EST) Consumer Credit (Released 15:00 EST) Consumer Credit TABLE 1 ...Read More

2008-09-04 USER

[Skip to the end] Karim writes: Initial claims jump 16k to 445k (4wk avg 439k from 444k) Continuing claims rise 15k to 3435k (4wk avg 3400k from 3367k) A correction from the impact of the extended benefits program would have seen initial claims drop to the 400-425k range (as was expected) This ...Read More

2008-05-08 US Economic Releases

[Skip to the end] Initial Jobless Claims (Released 8:30 EST) Continuing Claims (Released 8:30 EST) Wholesale Inventories (Released 10:00 EST) ICSC Chain Store Sales YoY (Released 13:30 EST) Initial Jobless Claims (May 3) Survey 370K Actual 365K Prior 380K Revised 383K Still far from recession levels anticipated several months ago by most ...Read More