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Mortgage apps down

Still no sign of private sector credit expansion from housing. US Home Loan Demand Drops, Rates at 10-Month High February 9 (Reuters) — Applications for U.S. home mortgages dropped last week as the highest interest rates in 10 months sapped demand for home loan refinancing, an industry group said Wednesday. The Mortgage ...Read More

euro zone issue

I’ve been on the road, and not as close to things as usual, so from what I’ve seen and heard: Looking at the market prices I’d guess yesterday’s sell off was a euro zone credit response. The euro dropped a quick 3% and gold went up enough to be up even in ...Read More

Sector Analysis Update

Looks like the deficits got high enough in the US and Euro zone to reverse things, and I’d guess UK and Japan as well even though the charts don’t yet show the reversal because past deficits of this magnitude would have been more than sufficient and there recent data is showing signs ...Read More