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Merkel attacks central banks

[Skip to the end] >   Karim writes: >   Surprising comments show political difficulties of QE in Europe. With fiscal policy constrained >   and the Euro strong, that means more pressure on ‘conventional’ monetary policy: ECB to >   keep o/n rate low for long. Yes, agreed. Shows no understanding of monetary operations whatsoever. With the old German ...Read More

Berlin vote heralds big spending cuts

[Skip to the end] More evidence the Eurozone economy will lag the rest of the world Berlin vote heralds big spending cuts by Bertrand Benoit May 29 (FT) —The next German government is almost certain to crack down on spending and drastically raise taxes after the lower house of parliament yesterday adopted ...Read More

Germany to insure all bank deposits?

[Skip to the end] (an email exchange) Right, If everyone in Germany tries to take their funds out of the banks they won’t get it, with or without the backing of the German government. German government insurance can buy them some time, maybe even enough time to make it through if aggregate ...Read More