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The week so far

First, thanks to all for contributing to the record $41 million raised this year for Dana Farber by the PMC!!! This all directly funds the discretionary research that makes Dana Farber what they are- the best! If you are looking … Continue reading

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Store sales, Trade

A lesser indicator but might be indicative at the moment: ICSC-Goldman Store Sales Redbook Highlights Both ICSC-Goldman and Redbook report slowing in the November 1 store-sales week with Redbook’s year-on-year same-store rate down 5 tenths to plus 3.9 percent. Redbook … Continue reading

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Retail sales, credit expansion review, Empire manufacturing

Still looking like a macro constraint/fading aggregate demand. Strong auto sales, for example, coincides with less of something else: And this is the so called retail sales ‘control group’ that excludes food, gas, building materials and autos: This market for … Continue reading

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Public sector payroll jobs

Full size image

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Charts on recent releases

(not saying that any of this is in the Fed’s reaction function- that’s another story) See the ‘down, up some, then leveling off of the red line? Still growing but ‘leveled off’ at a bit less than 1.8%. Employment/population ratio … Continue reading

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Review of last weeks data

So my narrative is: The Federal budget deficit is too small to support growth given the current ‘credit environment’- maybe $400b less net spending in 2014. The automatic fiscal stabilizers are ‘aggressive’, as they materially and continually reduce the deficit … Continue reading

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Charts from the last few days

Total vehicle sales year over year showed some post winter bounce. The narrative was that March started off slow but picked up due to large incentives for the last week. We’ll see if it all holds up for April. Full … Continue reading

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Mtg purchase apps, New Home Sales, Durable goods orders still not performing

MBA Purchase Applications Highlights Purchase applications rose 3.0 percent in the March 21 week but failed to lift the year-on-year rate which is down a very sharp 17.0 percent. The year-on-year rate is a reminder of how important cash buyers … Continue reading

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A few comments on overnight news

The threshold may be high but there is one somewhere up there: Fed should be ‘very patient’ in cutting stimulus: Rosengren (Reuters) The high number of part-time workers who would rather work full-time, the still-high unemployment rate, and very low … Continue reading

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tv interview

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