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More housing weakness: Highlights Growth in home prices, as it is for home sales, is almost at a standstill, at least on a monthly basis for Case-Shiller’s 20-city adjusted index which inched only 0.1 percent higher in August. Year-on-year, the unadjusted index is still growing at healthy rate of 5.5 percent which, ...Read More

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Income less than expected, spending ok, so savings fell: Highlights Income growth proved very slight in September with inflation steady and moderate and right on the Federal Reserve’s target. Personal income inched only 0.2 percent higher in September which misses the low end of Econoday’s consensus range. Wages & salaries are September’s ...Read More

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Looks like without the build in private inventories GDP was about 2% lower at about 1.4%, and health care added .77% where health care premiums paid count as personal consumption. Also, the price index deflator was lower by 1.3%: Bad: Bad: Highlights Lack of available new homes has been holding sales down ...Read More

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Gone from bad to worse: Highlights The highest interest rates in over 7 years took their toll on mortgage activity in the October 12 week, with purchase applications for home mortgages falling a seasonally adjusted 6 percent while applications for refinancing fell 9 percent. Despite the sizable seasonally adjusted decline, unadjusted purchase ...Read More

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Looks like it’s turned up a bit with the tax cuts? Looks like this source of private sector deficit spending has gone flat again: Looks to me a lot more like a deficiency of demand than a demographic shift: This is a source of $US deficit spending that ‘offsets’ unspent incomes: China ...Read More

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A bit stronger than expected, but still trending lower, particularly adjusted for population: Highlights Unit sales of motor vehicle proved very strong in September, rising sharply to a 17.4 million annualized rate from 16.6 million in August. This points to a sharp rise in dollar sales of motor vehicles for the September ...Read More

Lots of evidence of slowing; Highlights A marginal headline gain of 0.1 percent in construction spending masks significant declines in residential spending during August. Residential spending fell 0.7 percent in the month to more than offset a 0.2 percent rise in July. Looking at sub-components, single-family spending was also down 0.7 percent ...Read More

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Need more tariffs… Highlights Amid the unfolding of tariff effects, exports are moving in the wrong direction and look to be a big negative for third-quarter GDP. The nation’s trade deficit in goods was a whopping $75.8 billion in August with exports down 1.6 percent for a second straight month. Imports are ...Read More

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Highlights Amid a backdrop of rising inflation pressures, sharp slowing in the services PMI sample pulled down September’s composite flash and masks a strong showing for manufacturing. The PMI composite fell to 53.4 which is well below Econoday’s consensus for 55.1 and also below the low estimate for 53.8. Services fell to ...Read More

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The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for June was revised down from +248,000 to +208,000, and the change for July was revised down from +157,000 to +147,000. With these revisions, employment gains in June and July combined were 50,000 less than previously reported. Read more at Looks like the private ...Read More