Daily Archive: Friday, October 28, 2011

Pelosi Quote

“It is clear we must enter an era of austerity; to reduce the deficit through shared sacrifice.” – Nancy Pelosi, Dem Leader, US House ...Read More

Italy Bond Yields Rise at Auction, 10-Year Bond Auction Yield at New Euro Era High

Nice, they announce proposal to confiscate 50% of Greek bonds from investors right in front of an Italian auction. And we thought we had sorry politicians… ...Read More

Euro Bailout Fund Chief Sees No Quick China Deal

Now it all starts unraveling. It’s all talk- another ‘optical illusion’ with no operational reality I sight. The China participation isn’t a done deal. The 50% haircut isn’t a done deal either as they haven’t yet figured out how to actually do it without a default event. The EFSF contributions aren’t a ...Read More