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Re: Financial services

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Yes! >    >   Sounds like Krugman has been reading your blog: >    The Market Mystique by Paul Krugman Mar 26 (NY Times) — But it has become increasingly clear over the past few days that top officials in the Obama administration are still in the grip of ...Read More

Financial services

[Skip to the end] >    >   Sounds like the IMF & misguided bankers everywhere are systematically >   degrading everyone’s economy. >    Yes! >    >   Do enough people anywhere understand national currency systems? >    No! >    >   Are ALL financial service industries more trouble than they’re worth? >    Best i can tell. There probably are a few ...Read More

Student exam at Wartburg College

[Skip to the end] Congrats, Professor Fullwiler- there are at least some students learning how the monetary system actually works! EC342 Winter 2009 Case Study 5 The following quotes from rather famous figures or institutions are all completely incorrect regarding the nature of government debt and deficits according to the modern money ...Read More

Fed swap lines a touch lower

[Skip to the end] Central bank liquidity swaps (13) $327,692 – $1,894 [top] ...Read More

2009-03-27 USER

[Skip to the end] Personal Income MoM (Released 8:30 EST) Personal Income YoY (Released 8:30 EST) Personal Income ALLX (Released 8:30 EST) Personal Spending (Released 8:30 EST) PCE Deflator YoY (Released 8:30 EST) PCE Core MoM (Released 8:30 EST) PCE Core YoY (Released 8:30 EST) U of Michigan Confidence (Released 10:00 EST) ...Read More