WSJ- Boehner pulls out of debt talks….

As previously discussed, the President is no longer involved, and if Congress does get a bill to his desk he’ll sign it. Grand Bargain Talks Collapse By Carol E Lee and Janet Hook July 22 (WSJ) — A high-stakes effort by President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner to hatch a landmark deficit reduction […]

more from Geithner and Obama

[Skip to the end] Geithner: Tight Lending Threatens US Recovery Dec. 22 (Reuters) —U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner expressed confidence on Tuesday that the U.S. economy was on a solid recovery path, but said tight lending practices by banks still pose a risk. He said the Treasury “will do what is necessary” to prevent another […]

Geithner testimony

[Skip to the end] From Geithner testimony April 3, 2008: Geithner testimony Bear Stearns “With this important context, let me return to the actions taken by the Federal Reserve in response to the situation that arose at Bear Stearns. That response was shaped in roughly four stages: (1) the decision on the morning of March […]