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Employment and personal income

Employment continues to grow at the pace we’ve seen for the last couple of years at a pace that’s perhaps a bit ahead of population growth (chart). The question is whether this is sufficient for the Fed to taper, which I’d say is anyone’s guess right now. The FOMC clearly doesn’t like ...Read More

Service Sector ISM//NFP

Karim writes: Similar to manufacturing, service sector ISM stabilizing at high levels; Large increase in backlogs also bodes well for future activity. With employment index now also crossing the 50 level, adds to upside potential in NFP tomorrow; look for headline NFP up ~600k; with ex-census up ~225k. May April PMI 55.4 ...Read More

NFP: 13.5%!

[Skip to the end] From Karim: Total unemployed, plus all marginally attached workers, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force: This measure rose from 12.6% to 13.5% in December. It was 8.7% in December 2007. As for NFP/UE: -524k; net revisions -154k Unemployment ...Read More