Russia Says Close to Final Stage on China Gas Deal

This is what I’ve proposed the US do with Canada and Mexico- long term contracts for oil and nat gas at ‘fair’ prices would stabilize prices and reduce price disruptions and inflation possibilities of all three economies.

Russia says close to final stage on China gas deal

By Gleb Bryanski

October 11 (Bloomberg) — Russia said on Tuesday it was close to the final stage of a huge gas supply deal with China, in what would be a landmark trade agreement between the long-wary neighbours.

A deal to supply the world’s second biggest economy with up to 68 billion cubic metres of Russian gas a year over 30 years has long been delayed over pricing disagreements.

“We are nearing the final stage of work on gas supplies,” said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, on his first overseas trip since announcing he was ready to reclaim the Russian presidency.

Putin is hoping his two-day visit will help broaden trade with China, which he expects to grow to $200 billion in 2020 from $59.3 billion last year.

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