Greece is offered 30bn euros loan

Yes, this is the first ‘real’ offer, with a rate and a quantity.
I heard it requires approval of all 16 member nations.

This could initially stabilize the bond markets if/when approval is discounted, with short covering in the euro as well.

The terms and conditions include IMF ‘austerity’ measures which will act to slow the economy of Greece and the entire EU, which is already dangerously weak to the point of promoting higher budget deficits through low tax revenues and high transfer payments, all of which serves to further weaken the credit worthiness of all the member nations. It also increases the euro debts of the other contributing nations. While this is a very modest amount, the implication of the same type of ‘rescue’ for the larger euro nations that might go the way of Greece is for much higher levels of stress for the remaining euro member nations presumed to be ‘strong.’

The euro should therefore fundamentally remain on the weak side as the high levels of euro national govt deficits are adding the non govt sectors holding of euro denominated financial assets, with the austerity measures likely to add to euro govt deficits and euro weakness.

Greece is offered 30bn euros loan

April 11 (BBC) — Leaders of the 16 eurozone nations have agreed to fund up to 30bn euros in emergency loans for debt-hit Greece, if the country wants the cash.

The price of the loans will be fixed using IMF formulas, and be about 5%.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, speaking for eurozone finance ministers, said there were no elements of subsidy in the loan proposal.

“The total amount put up by the eurozone member states for the first year will reach 30bn euros,” he said.

Mr Juncker added that the financing would be “completed and co-financed” by the International Monetary Fund.