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Nothing good Friday’s headlines: ...Read More

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Now that more data is out, looks like GDP will be down by over 1/3 for the quarter, as the negative labor supply shock continues. While fiscal policy works to support incomes and spending (GDP) obviously spending is still falling short, and with it private sector income (GDP=sales=income). This story doesn’t change ...Read More

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Oil related capital expenditure has collapsed, and likely won’t come back until investors have confidence prices will stay high enough long enough: Mortgage applications for home purchases have bounced back a bit but remain depressed, even with ultra low mortgage rates: ...Read More

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Down 50% and only about one month was due to the virus: ...Read More

Unemployment Claims

Unemployment claims had been historically low for quite a while because they had been made harder to get: The EPI survey estimated between 8.9 million and 13.9 million more Americans would have filed for claims over the past five weeks had the process been easier. “These findings on the millions of frustrated ...Read More

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More of same, won’t bore you with the rest: ...Read More

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The stats continue to be all like this, or worse, so I won’t bore you with them: Like most other indicators, oil investment had been decelerating well before the virus hit: ...Read More

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I haven’t been posting because all the charts look pretty much like this: h ...Read More

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Big spike up: New daily global confirmed cases growing: US cases growing rapidly and soon to surpass Italy and China to take the lead globally: ...Read More

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Oil capex collapsing: Service sectors collapsing: ...Read More