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Philly Fed Coincident Index, Rail Chart, Truck Tonnage

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Redbook retail sales, Corporate profits, Inflation adjusted real house prices

Sales = gross income, and profits are net income: Still down: Adjusted for inflation housing prices are about where they were 10 years ago: ...Read More

GDP, Consumer confidence, Corporate profits, Richmond Fed, Trade

Output was revised up, but mainly due to growing unsold inventory, with other spending revised lower and showing more deceleration than the first release: GDP Highlights Third-quarter GDP is revised to an annualized plus 2.1 percent, up 6 tenths from the initial estimate but showing less strength by the consumer with final ...Read More

Rail traffic, credit check

Rail Week Ending 14 November 2015: Contraction Grows Week 45 of 2015 shows same week total rail traffic (from same week one year ago) declined according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR) traffic data. Intermodal traffic contracted year-over-year, which accounts for approximately half of movements. and weekly railcar counts continued in ...Read More

Brussels Presentation Announcement

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LA port traffic, Philly Fed Forecasting Survey, Job Growth Chart, Japan

LA area Port Traffic declined in October By Bill McBride First, from the WSJ: Quiet U.S. Ports Spark Slowdown Fears For the first time in at least a decade, imports fell in both September and October at each of the three busiest U.S. seaports, according to data from trade researcher Zepol Corp. ...Read More

PMC News!

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The scrap heap of capitalism

Capitalism has always been characterized by a massive scrap heap of failures. Not to say the ‘winners’ don’t make it all worthwhile! ;) Why technology spending isn’t all its cracked up to be: Study By Javier E. David Oct 31 (CNBC) — Large companies often spend a good deal of money on ...Read More

Healthcare Premiums, UK Gap, EU Credit Growth, Durable Goods, Redbook Retail Sales, Oil

Last I checked this ‘counts’ as ‘personal consumption expenditure’: Premiums for Health Insurance Bought on Exchanges to Climb in 2016 Oct 26 (WSJ) — The Obama administration said many consumers will see noticeable premium increases when buying health coverage on insurance exchanges in 2016. Federal officials said Monday that the price of ...Read More

Philly Fed State Index, ECRI, Rail cars

ECRI’s WLI Growth Index Declines Again and Remains In Contraction ECRI’s WLI Growth Index which forecasts economic growth six months forward – declined and remains in negative territory. This index had spent 28 weeks in negative territory, then 15 weeks in positive territory – and now is in its tenth week in ...Read More