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Dallas Fed

They even tried to spin this positively: United States : Dallas Fed Mfg Survey Highlights The Texas manufacturing sector is still falling but not falling as fast as prior months. The general activity index improved but to a still very weak minus 7.0 from a deeply negative minus 20.8 percent in May. ...Read More

Consumer spending, rail traffic

Personal Income and Outlays Highlights The consumer came to life in May, boosted by a 0.5 percent rise in personal income and helping to support a 0.9 percent surge in personal outlays that reflects heavy spending on autos and retail goods. And gains are not inflationary, at least yet, based on the ...Read More

Greece at the cross roads

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 6:47 AM, wrote: Hi Warren! Do you know this proposal by Rob Parentau and Trod Andresen of introducing a parallel currency in the form of Tax Anticipation Notes? A program proposal for creating a complementary currency in Greece From rumours seem it could be introduced in ...Read More

Car sales, Redbook retail sales, Factory orders

Strong number, bouncing from winter slowdown. Looking at the chart seems spikes are followed by dips, and imports are a large factor as well. Hopefully it continues: United States : Motor Vehicle Sales Highlights Consumers weren’t holding back in May when it came to buying cars and trucks which sold at a ...Read More

Atlanta Fed, Redbook retail sales, mtg purchase apps

Still not showing much of a rebound from Q1, with their Q2 GDP forecast now at only .8% annualized: Continues to disappoint and still looking worse than it was in Q1: Redbook Retail Sales Up 1% after being down 4% last week: United States : MBA Mortgage Applications Highlights Mortgage rates are ...Read More

Business inventories, retail sales charts, Atlanta Fed

Still way high, especially with today’s retail sales growth at 0 United States : Business Inventories Highlights Business inventories don’t look quite as bloated after a small 0.1 percent gain in March that is under the 0.4 percent gain in business sales, taking the stock-to-sales ratio down to 1.36 from February’s recovery ...Read More

EU GDP, Mtg apps, retail sales

European Union : GDP Flash Highlights Eurozone economic activity extended its recovery into last quarter with a provisional and slightly smaller than expected 0.4 percent increase in real GDP versus the previous period. The fourth quarter rise was unrevised at 0.3 percent and annual growth edged a tick firmer to 1.0 percent. ...Read More

Cleveland Fed on low wage growth, Atlanta Fed Q2 gdpnow, factory orders

Behind the Slow Pace of Wage Growth Factory Orders Highlights Boosted by aircraft and also by motor vehicles, factory orders rose an as-expected 2.1 percent in March. March’s gain ends what were 7 straight declines as February, which was initially at plus 0.2 percent, is revised now to minus 0.1 percent. The ...Read More

Redbook retail sales, consumer confidence, Richmond Fed

Not good again. Looks like more than a ‘soft spot’ as so far no improvement for Q2: Redbook Highlights It’s hard to make heads or tails of weekly retail sales data surrounding Easter and its shifting comparisons. Redbook’s same-store year-on-year sales tally came in at a very weak plus 1.4 percent in ...Read More

wage growth and business investment

Interesting how these two reports relate to each other. And the circled section is the last time the street was screaming about ‘wage inflation’ saying that every time in the past it went up as it had to that point it kept going up for the next 4 years. But it does ...Read More