Weekly Credit Graph Packet – 06/06/11

Recognizing that ‘it’s all one piece’
The rest of the credit stack seems to be moving up in yield roughly in line with equities.

The slowdown seems to be getting serious.

Hopefully the euro zone and UK haven’t yet reached the tipping point where austerity shifts from reducing deficits to adding to them (due to induced economic weakness).

And hopefully Japan decides to go with an all out reconstruction plan without increasing taxes or otherwise ‘paying for it.’

And hopefully China’s second half weakness doesn’t get out of hand.

And hopefully the US Congress doesn’t accomplish any serious near term deficit reduction.

And hopefully the Fed informs us all that QE and 0 rates reduce interest income for the economy, as indicated in Bernanke’s 2004 published paper. And therefore, as he indicated, a fiscal adjustment is called for to sustain aggregate demand at congressionally mandated levels.

Credit Graph Packet