Libya Libya Libya

Here’s my take.

As before, all the world actually cares about is the price of oil.

And the internal struggle will wind down with someone controlling the oil.

And whoever gets control of the oil wants the oil for only one reason- to sell it.

In a land of haves and have nots (at all levels), and no understanding of fiscal balance, it’s all about having the oil to sell.

So that means prices go back to where the Saudis want them to be.

My guess, and all anyone can do is guess, is Brent at maybe 100 which puts WTI maybe just under 90 until the glut issues are sorted out.

If this happens, seems-

The long oil long trades reverse.
Food prices back off some.
The view of the economy goes from half empty to half full.
The dollar gets a lot stronger.
Energy related stocks lose, others win.
But a stronger dollar may dampen prospects for US stocks.
Bonds move with stocks.
Attention shifts back to China, Europe, UK, and US fiscal policies, which are all in tightening mode.

And happy birthday to my brother Seth who turns 60 today! He just posted some old family pictures on facebook.