Daily Archive: Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hawkish Comments from LBS

The problem with the euro zone trying to keep the costs of imports down in this context is that it can only be done via a strong currency, which works against their desire to increase net exports, and even that doesn’t necessarily work if the foreign supplier has sufficient pricing power, as ...Read More


Karim says: CLAIMS Labor Dept cites delayed filings in 4 states (Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina) as cause for 51k back-up in claims. Those states probably depressed prior number, so current level likely closer to 420k; consistent with 150-200k gains in payrolls ORDERS Core capital goods orders rise 1.4% in December ...Read More

S&P Cuts Japan Debt Rating to AA Minus

David Beers at S and P knows better and should be ashamed of himself and his organization for not making it crystal clear that ‘ability to pay’ is not in question, and that downgrading Japan has to be based solely on their assessment of ‘willingness to pay.’ Also note that even with ...Read More