Daily Archive: Monday, August 17, 2009

Robert Pirsig

[Skip to the end] From ‘Lila:’ “Of all the contributions America has made to the history of the world, the idea of freedom from a social hierarchy has been the greatest…” “And yes, although Jefferson called this doctrine of socially equality ‘self evident,’ it is not at all self evident. Scientific evidence ...Read More

Another from Pirsig

[Skip to the end] From ‘Lila:’ “The idea that ‘man is born free but is everywhere in chains’ was never true. There are no chains more vicious than the chains of biological necessity into which every child is born. Society exists primarily to free people from these biological chains. It has done ...Read More

Robert Pirsig on crime and freedom

[Skip to the end] From ‘Lila:’ “What the Metaphysics of Quality indicates is that the 20th century intellectual faith in man’s basic goodness as spontaneous and natural is disastrously naive. The ideal of a harmonious society in which everyone without coercion cooperates happily with everyone else for the mutual good of all ...Read More

Comments on Obama by economist Russ Huntley

[Skip to the end] We now fact the risk that Obama loses whatever control of Congress he might have had as he loses popular support and the nation goes rudderless, while rising unemployment and faltering financial markets again work to get the deficit where it needs to be via the very, very ...Read More