Purchase applications seemed to have, at best, leveled off a what remains very depressed levels:

Revenue neutral won’t do the trick, and since the tax cuts are likely to be lower multiple than any spending cuts it could slow things down:

Taxpayers should expect to see revenue-neutral tax reform as early as this summer, Republican Sen. Rob Portman told CNBC on Wednesday.

“We need to do it. It’s urgent. It’s one way we know we can give the economy a shot in the arm,” the Ohio senator told “Squawk Box.”

He said the ultimate goal for Republicans besides passing the tax reform is making it revenue neutral, meaning no increase or decrease in federal tax revenues.


As previously discussed, the CIA said they would do this type of thing to get Trump’s approval:

Donald Trump’s staff get him to agree to policies by saying ‘Obama wouldn’t have done it’

Military officials got Donald Trump to agree to the botched Yemen raid by suggesting Barack Obama would never have had the courage to do it, it has been reported.

Seems to me every passing day further confirms President Trump is just a 7 or 8 year old child in a 70 year old body, thereby subject to this type of manipulation.