concern over euro strength

As previously discussed, the ‘missing piece’ from the standard export model is buying the currency of your target market, as Germany used to do, and as the EU can’t do for ideological reasons- they don’t want to give the appearance that dollar reserves back the euro, and they want the euro to be the reserve currency. And they want to net export… whatever!

Spanish Central Bank Joins Chorus of Concern Over Euro’s Strength

By Paul Hannon

March 12 (WSJ) — In a news conference Thursday after the ECB’s decision to leave its policy unchanged, the bank’s president Mario Draghi said the euro’s 9% appreciation against the U.S. dollar since mid-2012 had been “a factor that is affecting in a significant way” the inflation rate, likely responsible for lowering it by almost half a percentage point. SpeakingMonday, Bank of France Governor Christian Noyer—who also sits on the ECB’s governing council—said that a strong euro lowers the inflation rate. “We are clearly not very happy at the moment,” he said.On Wednesday, Bank of Spain Governor Luis Maria Linde joined the chorus, making an explicit connection between the currency’s gains and possible future action by the ECB. “A stronger euro may lead to an easier policy, or a drop in inflation,” said Mr. Linde said. “We would like to have a little bit more inflation in the euro zone.”