Though it can’t ‘prove’ anything, the looks to me to be supportive of my suspicion that the two remaining copper producers are not competing, but instead are colluding to set price and let quantity adjust.

On your post regarding the recent commodity decline, the attached graph shows the generic copper future price and the open interest.

There has been a substantial drop in open interest since Feb11 to current. The copper price has declined but not nearly as much. Is this fair to signal a more heavier decline in price? (accompanied by increase in OI)

I did read on your post you mentioned longs selling to other longs which would indicate no change in OI and so perhaps trend reversal, but we are beyond this point now in commodities?

I presume commodity prices for example copper should be heading back to pre QE2 level (03/11/2010) if not lower with a slowing US economy. And this will be the same for equities

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