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Waiting to see if Brown gets any credit for his fiscal policies which in fact are responsible for stopping the slide.

As in the US, monetary policy has been contractionary with lower rates hurting demand from savers and borrowers gaining
little or nothing, and lenders replenishing lost reserves.

And QE per se does nothing apart from altering the term structure of rates and modestly reducing bank earnings.

  • British house prices rise again in August
  • City regulator seeks to deflate financial sector with global tax
  • U.K. Retail Sales Index Falls, Outlook Improves, CBI Says
  • U.K. Business Investment Fell Most Since 1985 in Second Quarter
  • U.K. Two-Year Notes Rise as Chinese Curbs Boost Safety Demand
  • U.K. Population Hits 61.4 Mln; Immigration Eases


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