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>   (email exchange)
>   On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 9:20 AM, Dave wrote:
>   Gravity Cavity was after the long straight away towards the
>   end of the track where you went down, then back up the hill
>   and under the bridge at the top.

Yes, that’s how it was in the 80’s when I raced there.

>   Maybe more memorable on a bike because you are running at the
>   bridge embankment FAST. Now they put a bus stop chicane before
>   the hill so you are not running at the embankment.

I think I would have left it alone. Was particularly challenging in the rain, and in the first lap at the run offs when i raced there in 86 and 87.

>   What is your favorite track?

Sebring. Long and short track. First time there I arrived just as my session was qualifying (showroom stock VW) and went out following another B car I knew was reasonably competitive. Didn’t know where any of the corners went. He gained on me the first lap or so then I started catching him and passed him on the last lap of qualifying and got pole.

First time i ever broke a sweat in a race car!