Bernanke remarks

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As another associate quipped after reading Bernanke’s statements:

‘We are all deficit terrorists now!’

From Mike Norman who’s getting very good at this:

Mike Norman Economics

New entries on my blog today (Wednesday, May 3, 2009).

Bernanke hasn’t a clue!!

Bernanke warns on deficits as Treasury rates rise

Add Ben to the list of people who don’t understand our monetary system!

Bernanke warns on deficits as Treasury rates rise: Part II

Someone ought to tell Bernanke that the Fed sets rates. PERIOD!! END OF STORY!!!

Bernanke: start work now to curb US budget deficit

Curb the budget, reduce private sector savings. The relationship’s an identity, Ben!

I hope you enjoyed this market rally over the past three months because if the Administration follows Bernanke’s advice–and it’s likely that they will-kiss the rally goodbye and say, “Hello,” to new lows in the market sometime later this year or next year. Depends on when and how fast they “curb the deficit.”

-Mike Norman


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