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Looks like Q4 was the bottom for the real economy, and government spending now kicking in strong for quite a while to keep things muddling through.

Housing has been ‘subtracting’ from GDP with exports picking up the slack.

From this point it won’t take much of an upturn in housing to pick up any slack that might be happening with exports.

Also, while unemployment figures lag quite a bit, seems to me GDP is strong enough to see a few unexpected new jobs in time for the elections.

Meanwhile, seems chunks of the financial sector are still hurting due to the reduced demand for financial services, but they’ll figure it out with new and rehashed products and come back strong, but maybe not to the benefit of existing investors.

Been watching a lot of tv lately:

The Democrats really got blindsighted by McCain’s Rambolita as the convention was forgotten within 24 hours, and the Republicans found someone to rally around.

Seems Biden has turned into a big weight around Obama’s neck as the enthusiasm flows away and they become ‘old news’ and another case of peaking too early. And now with the convention pretty much canceled, Bush and Chaney are kept off prime time to McCain’s benefit, and with New Orleans II now a ‘model of federal efficiency’ the Democrats are scrambling for something to say.


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