2008-04-01 ISM Manufacturing

ISM Manufacturing (Mar)

Survey 47.5
Actual 48.6
Prior 48.3
Revised n/a

Still soft, but better than expected and not at recession levels of 44 or less.

2008-04-01 ISM Prices Paid

ISM Prices Paid (Mar)

Survey 75.0
Actual 83.5
Prior 75.5
Revised n/a

2008-04-01 ISM TABLE

2008-04-01 ISM TABLE


Prices paid up and employment up -inflation and a lower output gap- not the direction the Fed wants the economy to be going.

2008-04-01 Construction Spending MoM

Construction Spending MoM (Feb)

Survey -1.0%
Actual -0.3%
Prior -1.7%
Revised -1.0%

Better than expected, prior month revised up, and the chart still looks lower but not all that bad.

2008-04-01 ABC Consumer Confidence

ABC Consumer Confidence (Mar 30)

Survey -n/a
Actual -33
Prior -31
Revised n/a

Seems to have bottomed, and today’s stock market action should give it a boost.

2008-04-01 Total Vehicle Sales

Total Vehicle Sales (Mar)

Survey 15.2M
Actual 15.1M
Prior 15.3M
Revised n/a

2008-04-01 Domestic Vehicle Sales

Domestic Vehicle Sales

Survey 11.6M
Actual 11.1M
Prior 11.7M
Revised n/a

Still working its way lower.