2008-03-03 RPX Composite 28dy YoY

RPX Composite 28dy YoY (Dec)

Survey n/a
Actual -7.24%
Prior -4.17%
Revised n/a

2008-03-03 RPX Composite 28dy Index

RPX Composite 28dy Index (Dec)

Survey n/a
Actual 245.70
Prior 254.29
Revised n/a

Both were falling into year end.

2008-03-02 ISM Manufacturing

ISM Manufacturing (Feb)

Survey 48.0
Actual 48.3
Prior 50.7
Revised n/a

Better than expected. Not yet to recession levels.

2008-03-03 ISM Prices Paid

ISM Prices Paid (Feb)

Survey 73.5
Actual 75.5
Prior 76.0
Revised n/a

Price pressures persisting.

2008-03-03 Construction Spending MoM

Construction Spending MoM (Jan)

Survey -0.7%
Actual -1.7%
Prior -1.1%
Revised -1.3%

Very weak.

2008-03-03 Total Vehicle Sales

Total Vehicle Sales (Feb)

Survey 15.5M
Actual 15.4M
Prior 15.2M
Revised n/a

As expected, but drifting to a lower range.

2008-03-03 Domestic Vehicle Sales

Domestic Vehicle Sales (Feb)

Survey 11.9M
Actual 11.7M
Prior 11.7M
Revised n/a

Drifting lower.

Same twin themes: weak demand and higher prices.Exports keeping GDP from recession levels, but taking demand from the rest of the world that is also softening.

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