2008-01-16 EU Highlights

Overall, inflation and weakness continues:

European Inflation Holds Above 3% as Food Prices Soar
German 2007 Inflation Fastest Since Records Began
France: Inflation up to 2.3% in Q4 sunk real wages, spending
ECB’s Weber Says Shouldn’t `Over-Dramatize’ Inflation Jump
Europe’s Economies Face `Stagflation’ Risk This Year
Weber Says ECB Won’t Tolerate Excessive Pay Increases
European Car Sales Rose in 2007 on New Fiat, BMW Models
German First-Quarter Growth to Slow to 0.3 Percent
Bank of Italy Cuts 2008 Growth Forecast Due to Euro, Inflation
Bank of France Cuts Fourth-Quarter Growth Forecast to 0.4%
French Populace Grows to 63.8 Million, Second-Highest in Europe
Iceland delays banks’ plans to adopt the euro

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