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Obama- small govt conservative champion!

Also interesting: For the first time since 2008, the public sector will add jobs in 2014.  State and local governments started adding a few jobs last year, but austerity has been ongoing at the Federal level.  According to the WSJ The Federal … Continue reading

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Whole Economy Profits Negative

Again, this all happens when the deficit gets too small to ‘offset’ the unspent income in the economy:  Update on non-financial profits:

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Construction spending, ISM manufacturing

Another setback for construction, which a ‘borrowing to spend’ item: Construction Spending Highlights Construction outlays unexpectedly declined in September on public outlays and somewhat on the private nonresidential component. Private residential spending was a positive for the month. . Construction … Continue reading

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Demand for Saudi Crude Continues

The Saudis continue to post prices for their refiners and let them buy all they want at the posted prices. So far the lower price settings haven’t resulted in an increase in demand for Saudi oil, so they are free … Continue reading

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Mortgage Purchase Applications Fall Even Further

This continuing decline is particularly troubling as cash buyers are also on the decline, and home sales are already at severely depressed levels by any measure. Furthermore, prices have also been falling month to month, and the year over year … Continue reading

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Capital Goods Orders and Shipments

In 2012 the trajectory shifted to a slower pace where it’s remained. No acceleration here: The pace of actual shipments, however, moved up some, which is exactly what happened in the last cycle just as the economy went into recession, … Continue reading

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Home Prices and Durable Goods Softening

Housing prices inching down month over month and industrial production showing weakness as well.

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Pending Home Sales

Same story, mortgage purchase apps down and cash sales down keeps total sales low: Pending Home Sales Index

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This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

Who would’ve thought? ;) This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

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WRKO interview

Warren Mosler on the Economy

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