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Employment generates income and spending. The gap vs the pre-covid path is closing at an ever slowing rate. And the cost of living is rising faster than wages, which exacts a toll as well. These are inflation-adjusted: This came out last week: ...Read More

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Slumping: Post war slump there as well: Post war slump there as well: Off to a slow start: ...Read More

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Still way down: I like the headline but the chart not so much: China Services PMI Rises to 3-Month High The Caixin China General Services PMI increased to 53.8 in October 2021 from 53.4 in the prior month, pointing to the second straight month of expansion in the service sector and the ...Read More

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Seems a global thing: No recovery here: Another price reversal: GC Newcastle coal futures tumbled by over 30% to $150 per metric ton, the lowest in three months, and are more than 40% below a record high of $269.5 hit on October 5th, as China stepped up policies to boost output ahead ...Read More

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Deficit spending as a % of GDP heading south fast: US GDP Growth Disappoints The American economy expanded an annualized 2% on quarter in Q3 2021, well below market forecasts of 2.7% and slowing sharply from 6.7% in Q2. It is the weakest growth of pandemic recovery as an infusion of government ...Read More

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Big slump here: Weakness here as well: Collapse in front of expiring federal unemployment benefits: ...Read More

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Weakness continues: Still declining: Same covid dip, bounce, decline pattern: ...Read More

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Same pattern only more so: Americans spending more on imports= federal deficit spending that much less inflationary: May exports were $206.0 billion, $1.3 billion more than April exports. May imports were $277.3 billion, $3.5 billion more than April imports. Similar pattern: ...Read More

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Seems to showing the same pattern as the US- covid dip, recovery, fade: Same pattern here too: Higher prices bringing out supply? Epic housing shortage may finally be starting to lift ( ...Read More

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Another shipping crisis looms on Covid fears in southern China Still elevated though may be returning to trend? Still struggling: ...Read More