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Income, Consumption, Savings, Consumer loans, Real estate loans

So jobs and paychecks and profits were lost, but gov deficit spending more than made up for the lost personal income, but spending went down anyway, as personal savings went up. Then personal income fell back some, consumption increased some, and savings went down some. The $1,200 distribution was a one time ...Read More

GDP, Claims

Bad news on both fronts: ...Read More

Continuing claims, Durable goods orders, Air travel, Dining, Hotels, Gasoline

Not getting any better: Still at depressed levels, and these numbers are not inflation adjusted: ...Read More

Employment, Gasoline demand, Apartment market

...Read More

Architecture billings, Sales manager indexes, Claims

same pattern Up a bit from already very high levels: ...Read More

Chicago national survey, Existing home sales and prices

A bounce after the big dip but still at a very depressed level: A bounce but still way down: And home prices dropping: ...Read More

Confidence, Housing starts and permits, LA port traffic, GDP forecasts

This is about consumer spending plans which remain weak: Housing starts were depressed historically and going sideways before covid, and have subsequently weakened: Collapse in global trade continues: Not good: ...Read More

Industrial production, Fed report

Still way down after a small uptick last month, and it had already started fading with the tariffs that continue: ...Read More

Bank loans, Commercial real estate index, Dining

The retreat continues: Commercial real estate leading index was down again for June: Taken a turn for the worse: ...Read More

Jobless claims, GDP forecasts, Stock valuations by mkt cap

Still at very high levels: Q2 forecasts for GDP, which ended June 30 (forecasting the past). Down 35% is about a $2 trillion drop in income/sales for the economy: Interesting: ...Read More