Rimini interview

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  1. Dave Begotka says:

    Right on Warren but what if everybody wants to live like Jay Z?
    How do we unmind eff everybody from this over indulgent lifestyle of excess?

    The earth aint big enough for everybody to live like TV says we should………..i mean I still want a MT900 with dual chevy big blocks and 8 tires, a jet airplane, super double stuffed triple cheese meat lovers bacon bacon pizza everyday, and a nuclear submarine.

    We don’t have enough resources for the people we have now and the breeders just keep breeding like it’s some sort of sick contest to see how fast we can smoke the planet…….

    What if an evil dictator is the only answer? You know somebody who would tell people they had to be responsible with their consumption and reproduction. Because it seems if you let people make these decisions they vote for cheese and maternity wear.


    Gary Reply:

    @Dave Begotka,
    So you would like to eliminate some people?
    And you think the best way is to starve the poorest?
    Why is that?


    Dave Begotka Reply:


    Um no Gary that’s the system we have now……….i think as long as there is one starving or exploited person left on the earth we have too many and we need to curb production……..LOL



    the population is forecast to go into decline last I read?

    yes, we can direct consumption away from scarce resources


    SteveK9 Reply:

    @Dave Begotka, You have a low opinion of the human race. Perhaps you need to widen your social circle. We have the resources and the technology to support a much larger population, living decently, although that is not likely to be necessary given population projections.


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