Sarkozy Yields on ECB Crisis Role

He’ll be back…The way things are going there is no alternative, a point market forces continue to make.

And no amount of tea from China, at any price, would be sufficient given current institutional structure and policy.

And more discussion on whether Greece should be allowed to default, even as haircut talk rises to 60%, and as the notion of ‘voluntary’ comes under further discussion. After all, if they don’t have to pay their debts, why should any other member nation have to pay its debts? etc.

Sarkozy yields on ECB crisis role, pressure on Italy

By Julien Toyer and Andreas Rinke

October 24 (Reuters) — European Union leaders made some progress towards a strategy to fight the euro zone’s sovereign debt crisis on Sunday, nearing agreement on bank recapitalization and on how to leverage their rescue fund to try to stop bond market contagion.

But final decisions were deferred until a second summit on Wednesday and sharp differences remain over the size of losses private holders of Greek government bonds will have to accept.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy backed down in the face of implacable German opposition to his desire to use unlimited European Central Bank funds to fight the crisis.

Instead, the euro zone may turn to emerging economies such as China and Brazil for help in underpinning its sickly bond market.