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Valance Chart Review

Posted by WARREN MOSLER on May 31st, 2011

Have we hit a soft spot?

5 Responses to “Valance Chart Review”

  1. Dan Furlano Says:

    Looked at these this morning. Not very promising.


  2. SethM Says:

    Damn depressing. Looks like I’ll be staying in Asia for a few more years…


    Tom Hickey Reply:


    With a national security/surveillance state firmly in place in the US, being an expat is probably a good idea unless you are part of the power structure. Not tom mention that the power elite is driving the US off a cliff.


  3. Geoff Says:

    Warren, congrats on that long bond call.



    thanks! been hiding in long 0′s since before year end as posted here. went down some but moving up nicely now. still liking the dollar but concerned about crude. today’s down move helps a lot


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