Comments from the Algeria Oil Minister

DJ Algeria Oil Min:Increasingly Hard To Understand Market Dynamics


DJ Algeria Oil Min:Oil Markets Increasingly Respond To Financial Speculation

Agreed! The funds involved in commodity speculation dwarf the funds involved in the physical markets

DJ Algeria Oil Min:Market Volatility Makes Energy Investment Difficult

Agreed! The risk of a price collapse is a major factor for long term investment decisions.

DJ Algeria Oil Min: Seeking To Exploit Shale Fields In Algeria
DJ Algeria Oil Min: Will Seek Partnerships To Exploit Unconventional Oil, Gas
DJ Algeria Oil Min:Sonatrach, Partners To Invest $2.5B/Year On Unconventional Hydrocarbons
DJ Algeria Oil Min: Europe Will Need Long-Term Gas Contracts

Yes, long term contract work best for both producers and users to ensure the viability of investments and the stability of supply and price

DJ Algeria Oil Min: No Shortage Of Physical Oil

Agreed! Reinforces the fact that the Saudis are the swing producer/ultimate price setter as previously discussed

DJ Algeria Oil Min: OPEC Will Respond If There’s A Shortage Of Crude

Confirming excess Saudi capacity estimates

DJ Algeria Oil Min: No Requests For Extra Crude From Algeria

Confirming no supply shortages and Saudi price setting